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Edmonton Anglican Marriage Encounter (Canada)

Refresh Your Marriage…  A Marriage Encounter Weekend can do just that!

The Weekend is a couple enrichment experience that focuses on a simple but powerful communication strategy. It’s designed to make your relationship a priority, more intimate and more joyful.

This Weekend can be transformational! Past participants have said, “This was the BEST thing we ever did for our marriage, we wish we’d gone to it years ago!”

Why not push your marriage “refresh” button this fall?


Lutheran Marriage Encounter

Refresh, Re-energize & Reconnect with Marriage Encounter! Whether you're newly married or have been married for decades,good communication is the key to keeping your love relationship vibrant and strong! And only the right communication tools can help your relationship be all that it can be.  


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United Methodist Marriage Encounter

Happily ever after doesn't have to be a fairy tale. A great marriage can lead to true happiness. But great marriages take work, and on a Marriage Encounter Weekend you'll develop the tools you need to restore communication, renew your commitment and rekindle your romance.


Presbyterian Marriage Encounter

You have a good marriage?  Terrific! 
But... Do you sometimes wonder "is this all there is?"
Can't remember the last time you both were alone together?
Marriage Encounter offers a weekend experience designed to give married couples the opportunity to examine their life together.   The emphasis is on communication between husband and wife, who spend a weekend away from the distractions of everyday life, concentrating on each other. 


Other Faith Expression Weekend Dates

Edmonton Anglican Marriage Encounter

Edmonton, Canada
NOVEMBER 1-3, 2019

Application Deadline:  October 18

Apply Online: www.eame.ccom/registration.html or call Tom and Marie Kennedy (780) 459-9580 for more information.


Niagra Falls, ON Canada
~ Mt Carmel Retreat Center
APRIL 26-28, 2019
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Ulysses, PA
~ Penn-York Camp
JUNE 7-9, 2019
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East Waterford, PA
~ Christian Retreat Center
NOVEMBER 8-10, 2019
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For more information on Menonite & Bretheren Weekends, visit http://www.marriageencounter.org