Worldwide Marriage Encounter Meetings From Home

Different Ways you can stay connected with your WWME family.

As we all adapt to this new quarantine lifestyle, now more than ever, we have to look at alternate ways to maintain relationship with our WWME Community family.

Virtual Meetings
There are several ways to create virtual meetings, but they all have pros and cons, based on how many attendees and how long the meeting will be.  There are some free versions of platforms out there but they have time limitations.  A good work around these limitations is:

    • Part I: Introductions and presentation 
    • dialogue "offline", suggest folks log off, dialogue and couple share, grab a drink or snack and come back for part II of meeting
    • Part II: sharing and prayers
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Alternative Ways of Building Relationship in Small Groups
While many of us have participated in video conferences at work, few of us have those same capabilities at home.  So, we would like to offer some low-tech/no-tech options to keep your Sharing Group couples and priests connected with one another.

Sharing Group meeting sharing with 
A presenting couple can create a document on this drive titled with the Sharing Group's name and date, (ie. 'LakesideLovers032020' and share their presentation with the group members. This program is free.  If you don't have one, just go to and sign up for a personal drive with your email address.   After reading the presentation, each couple can complete their 10/10 dialogue and share their feelings on the same document.  This could be done in real time or during the course of a week.

“Virtual Hug” Sharing Group Email Chain.  
During a week, each Sharing Group couple/priest would send a daily note to another couple/priest in the Sharing Group.  This note could be a prayer, funny story, inspirational quote, joke, or a personal wish.  To start, the leader would email all members a list of names and email addresses.  Then, on Monday couple #1 would send an email to couple #2. Then on Tuesday couple #1 would send an email to couple #3 and so on. This would continue until each couple sent an email to every couple on the Sharing Group list.

Send an eCard to members of your Sharing Group, parish and WWME priests, or any Religious in your lives.

There are several websites where you can send “free” eCards.  Consider sending a funny card to give everyone something to laugh about.


Consider re-instituting the “One Ringers”.  Years ago, when couples dialogued, they would call another couple to remind them to dialogue by letting the phone ring once and hanging up.  Today’s version of the “One Ringer” could be a text message sent to the other couple.  Pair Sharing Group couples/priest with a different Sacrament each week.   

Create a Sharing group list.  
Members can be loaded on a computer or through a phone app.  Once set up, everyone is live, to text the group.  Photos and memes can also be loaded.  Consider asking everyone to post their sharing words each time they dialogue.  Use this groupme group for prayer requests, sharing tips, or referring folks to updates on pages.

Prayer couples - give a call to couples you have prayed for, over the years.  It's as simple as starting the conversation with, "we were thinking about you, wondering how you are doing".  Remember a lot of couples moved on from their Weekend Experience and set the tools aside.  Simply reconnecting is a start, but it also will give them a chance to ask you questions, re the tools they learned.  Use this site as a reference for them.  Just love them.