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As individuals, couples, families, priests, religious and the greater Worldwide Marriage Community, we have many tools at our disposal to keep our relationships vibrant, faith filled and growing - even at home.  Click on the below boxes to find resources like prayers, dialogue, presentations and videos.         No one in Marriage Encounter ever walks alone.

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Region 20 Evening of Prayer/Enrichment

6/9/20 Presentation: Positive Change in These Changing Times
Every Wednesday Night 8-9:30 ET
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Marriage in a Minute: Covid 19 - Listening with our hearts - during COVID 19

Video, courtesy of the Diocese of Honolulu and Ed & Betty Coda.

Prayer Requests

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Phil 4:6

  • UPDATE 07/01/20: For Marilyn Garcia (& Jose, former NA Leaders, R10) who was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Prayers answered, as pathology report shows the cancer was completely contained in the uterus and all lymph nodes are clear.  Please continue to lift up Marilyn that her chemo treatments ensure the cancer is eradicated...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Regina Ruport (& John, former R12 leaders) who was recently diagnosed with mouth cancer.  Things have progressed, including pain, fatigue, difficulty swallowing and strong emotions.  Please join us in prayer  asking for the intercession of our Blessed Mother to shower her and John with His healing Graces...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Judi Sturm (wife of Bill Sturm, one of the architects of our WWME personality style assessment).  Bill passed away a number of years ago, and 6/28, Judi was called home to be wih her Bill.  Together, they affected so many relationships in our movement.  We pray for the repose of her soul...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For John Bigelow (husband of Susan, our WWME Grant Writer) who is having serious complications from bladder cancer, including recovery from compromised lungs and sepsis.  Please pray for wisdom for his health care professionals and peace and strength for Susan, during his recovery.
  • For Andrew Dean (and wife Anne Maria) who is in ICU with Covid Bilateral pneumonia.  She is not allowed to be with him in the hospital and they are very frightened.  Please pray for complete healing for Andrew and peace and comfort for Ann Marie, their children and grandchildren...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Virginia Linnebur , (Mom of Tom & Lisa Linnebur, R10) who had a serious heart attack.  Her husband, Francis Linnerbur is in hospice and this family needs our prayers.  Please lift up Tom, Lisa, Tom's brothers and sisters and extended family, for God's love and peace during this difficult time...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Nathan Rios (son of Jose & Maribelle Rios, Region Leaders R14) who was just diagnosed with CVOID-19.  Please lift up Nathan and the Rios family in prayer, as they heal from this virus.
  • For Ed Talarico (brother of Joe and Sue Talarico, NAS Leaders) who had a heart attack on 6/16 and is undergoing treatment to prevent further damage, that he be returned to good health.  Please also pray for peace and understanding for Joe, Sue, Ed's wife Lisa and their daughters, Maria and Leanna, as well as guidance and wisdom for the medical team treating Ed...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Francis Linnerbur (Dad of Tom & Lisa Linnebur, R10) who was recently placed on hospice that they are able to manage his pain and give him comfort and peace for the family in God's will...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Gene Homan (& Mary, R10 Leaders).  Gene had an mild stroke on Saturday.  We pray for strength and full recovery for Gene and peace for Mary and their family during this time...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For the repose of the soul of Delbert (Mike & Jean Olson's uncle) who passed away on 5/23/2020 with complications from a fall.  Please also lift up Mike, Jean and Delbert's family.
  • For the repose of the soul of Oscar Lara, (wife Reina, R15) who passed away 5/25 from complications from COVID 19.  Please also lift up Reina and their loved ones who are grieving this loss...let us pray to the Lord.

  • For the repose of the soul of Juan Jacuinde, (wife Irma, R11 Nevada) who passed away 5/13 from complications from COVID 19...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Irma Jacuinde and her son (R11, Nevada) who are also suffering from COVID and grieving the loss of their husband/father...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Hannah Walz (daughter of Mike & Nancy Walz, R11), healing of heart, mind and soul and an openness to experience God's love and truth...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Jim Desautel (& Cindy) who had surgery 3/17 for cancerous lymph nodes in his colon and today begins chemotherapy for 6 months. We also pray for protection during COVID, while Jim is vulnerable. Also, for Cindy, as she supports Jim from afar, unable to go into the hospital with him...let us pray to to Lord.
  • For Ric Linnebur (brother of Tom & Lisa Linnebur, R10) who was rushed by ambulance to Plano Presbyterian with complications from COVID...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Father Chinh Nguyen (based in Los Angeles R11) an energetic supporter of WWME.  He appears to have suffered a stroke and is in critical condition, prayers for his healing and for those caring for him...let us pray to the Lord.

  • For the repose of the soul of Father Juan Triviño, CAN 4, who passed away Sunday night with complications from COVID 19, in Columbia.  The Spanish encounter has lost a great friend & humble pastor in our Lord...let us pray to the Lord.

  • For Werner Mammen (& Amy, R11) as Werner goes for his doctor consult, today...let us pray to the Lord.
  • ***UPDATE 04/24/2020*** For John Doherty (&Lavonne, R13) John is having a colonoscopy, today, to investigate a mass in his colon...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For all healthcare workers, first responders and others required to risk personal exposure, due to their job...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For all priests, bishops and religious...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For all who are sick, including those with the Coronovirus...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Tony Ferguson (who is Tony & Sue Morris' USC Ecclesial Team,daughter Emily's father-in-law). He had cardiac catheterization on Thursday.  He had bypass surgery last year with a significant recovery period and now has been experiencing shortness of breath and some chest pains so doctors want to evaluate. Please keep Tony in your prayers as well as our son in law and daughter, Emily who are expecting their first child in September and are very worried about the results of the procedure as well as the stresses of the virus related to pregnancy...let us pray to the Lord.  
  • For the repose of the soul of Gabriel Romero (nephew of Martina Sandoval, WWME Office) and prayers for his wife and three young children...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Paul Garcia, (son of Jose & Marilyn Garcia R10) an anesthesiologist and his collegues, working regulary 12 hour shifts at NY Presbyterian Hospital...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Susie Hicks, Scott's mom (& Aurora, R11) with bad anxiety and extremely high blood pressure which hospitalized her but she's home now.  She's on meds but still is a ways away from being healthy and this isolation (she lives alone) is making it extra hard...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Amy Capilli-Cruz (family member of Dennis & JoAnn Capili, R11) recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The disease is advancing aggressively while care is affected by the Covid-19 situation. Prayers for healing and God’s graces to guide her and the medical professionals on this journey....let us pray to the Lord. 
  • For Msgr. Chuck Kosanke (former US leader)  Who tested positive for Covid-19 but was released from the hospital on 4/2.   Mail Cards/letters to: Msgr. Chuck Kosanke, Ste. Anne de Detroit, 1000 Ste. Anne St. Detroit MI 48216...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Pedro Estrada's (& Margaret, R21-Dallas, TX) safe recovery from surgery...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Fr. Alejandro Trejo, (R22-Yakima, WA) a complete recovery from pneumonia stemming from COVID-19...let us pray to the Lord.
  • For Fr. José de Jesús “Chuy” Ramírez, (R22-Yakima, WA) after testing positive for COVID-19, rest and healing...let us pray to the Lord.