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Married couples who have attended a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Experience, are blessed with incredible tools, to support and fortify their marriage, in good times and tough ones.

Here you'll find access to Worldwide Marriage Encounter Resources for your marriage.  If you have resources to add to this page, CLICK HERE.

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***Upcoming Couple's Events ***

The Glory and Beauty of Marriage Complimentary Weekend Retreat
This retreat will include 5 new video conferences on the topic of strengthening the bonds between husband, wife and family, along with meditative songs and prayers by the Carmelite Sisters. Married couples are asked to listen to the conferences together to encourage further dialogue and unity. A suggested weekend schedule is provided below to maximize your time together. However, please feel free to take the retreat according to your timeframe in a prayerful and peaceful way. 
Friday: Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life of your Marriage - 6:30 pm
Saturday am: Being Present to God and to each other - 8-11 am
Saturday  afternoon: Communication - 1-5 pm
Saturday pm: Joy and Surprises in Marriages -  6:30 pm
Sunday am: Triumph of Sacramental Marriage in the Modern World 8-11 am

***Last day to register 5/22 at 12 noon pdt (if ouside American continent deadline is 5/21 3 pm pdt)***

When: May 22-24th noon -10th midnight EDT                       FREE EVENT

The WWME Five Tools

Worldwide Marriage Encounter gives us Five Tools to keep our relationship a priority.  Now, more than ever, we can use those tools to build or even rebuild and maintain relationship in our marriage.  They are:
1. Attention to our communication, in and out of Dialogue
2. Couple Prayer
3. Attention to our Sexual Relationship
4. Being Involved in the WWME Community
5. Reevaluation
Remember from the Renewal, after your weekend experience, the couple gave a presentation, then we did the following:
  • Individually, each, create a list of goals for your marriage
  • Together, look over each other's goals and create a revised list of common goals, as a couple.
  • Together, decide on the top three mutual goals to make a priority in your lives, right now.
  • Together, select one of those goals to focus on, today.
  • Determine as a husband, wife and a couple actions you can take to accomplish this goal.
  • Determine as husband and wife, what attitudes and behaviors you will need to focus on to make change.
  • Dialogue on this question: How do I feel about setting goals as a couple? DILD 
Finally, use the resources to the right (under The Five Tools) to continue to achieve this goal.)

Dialogue Questions

1. What have we done this week to hel do God's work?  HDIFAMA
2. What is something good that has come out of isolation?  HDIFAT
3. Have my actions in the last week been more God oriented or more me oriented? HDIFAMA
4. How do I feel when I need some space? Describe in loving detail.
5. How do I feel afer we make love? DILD
6. This week, how have I been judgemental of you? HDIFAMA?
7. When did you care selflessly for me? HDTMMF?
8. Spring is a time for new life.  What once was dead has now come back to life.  HDIF about Spring?
9. What am I making more important than my own joy? HDIFAMA?
10. When I look at old family photos, I feel___________. DFILD.

Dialogue Instructions

After you answer the question in 3-4 sentences, then be sure and and follow the writing template (above in Dialogue Resources) instructions attached to complete your letter, to describe your strongest feeling about your answer, in loving detail, with multiple examples that complete the page.

Quote for the Week

“Authentic married love is caught up into divine love . . . so that this love may lead the spouses to God . . .” and in God they find the strength to carry on their roles and responsibilities.

Second Vatican Council
Gaudium et Spes (Joy and Hope, the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World), 48